I’m a storyteller from West Texas.  I have tornado warnings in my dreams and sand storms in my eyes.  My father was an Irish Cowboy. My mother is Indigenous. There are cowboys and Indians fighting over the same horse in my heart. 


My mother is a retired nurse and empath.  She sees spirits, ghosts and departed relatives all the time. Fortunately, I do not.


Dad could fix anything - from car engines to the bedroom blinds. I once watched him spend an entire Saturday repairing a lawn chair. He couldn't buy a new one. There was life in the old one and a problem to be solved. 

I'm not mechanically inclined the way my father was. I used to think this meant we didn’t have much in common.  As I got older, I realized we had something profound in common. We both love to build and fix things, take them apart and put them back together.  For him, it was car engines and, for me, its the engine of a story.  

Stories make it possible for me to fix things like my dad and see ghosts like my mom.